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We are a group of Consultants, engineers and analysts focused
on people before everything else

We are a team of data scientists, engineers, and expert developers specializing in seemingly different fields but requiring the same skills and competencies: gaming and trading.

We challenge complexity by uncovering unique sources of competitive advantage and hidden truths in dynamic and complex systems.

We grow by helping others grow, enabling our clients to build success and reach their full potential.

We make every great person, every great idea and every great company shine. That’s why we’re called Star.


Achieve excellent results and improve your performance through insights, advice, and actionable tools.

We provide accurate predictions based on algorithms through personalized tools and software, generating powerful data that helps define the best strategy for achieving your goals.

We work side by side with our clients as one team with a shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results, outperform the competition, and redefine the boundaries of our achievements.

We support the bold because we love achieving the extraordinary.

The desire to be exceptional and challenge oneself is a great motivation for improvement and reaching one's goals, but it is equally important to support this spirit in others.

Supporting others on their path to excellence by offering support, encouragement, and respect. In this way, we can build a community of people who support each other in the pursuit of their own excellence and success, creating a positive and stimulating environment for everyone. This can lead to extraordinary results.

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