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We identify opportunities, establish decision criteria and evaluate the best course of action to map the perfect approach for your goals.

Through a combination of innovation and critical thinking, we implement the best possible strategies to achieve the established result. We give room to intuition by challenging traditional ways of operating and bringing new perspectives to the most difficult problems.


Gaming has become an increasingly widespread phenomenon globally, with a large base of enthusiasts and industry professionals involved in creating new games, designing gaming hardware and software, and managing online gaming platforms. The gaming industry encompasses a wide range of games, but we specialize in sports predictions.

We have worked tirelessly to build the most comprehensive system of automated prediction for all sports.

We develop and refine algorithms that provide accurate sports predictions on every game outcome.

Through a combination of innovation and critical thinking, we craft the best sports forecasts on the market. High-performance technology is at the heart of our business. We analyze enormous volumes of real-time data to produce agile and adaptable models. We are data specialists. We use information on every aspect of a sports competition to provide an unprecedented view of what is happening and what will happen.


Trading refers to the activity of buying and selling financial instruments such as stocks and cryptocurrencies with the aim of generating a profit in the short or medium term.

It is an activity that requires in-depth knowledge of financial markets, price trends, financial instruments, and trading strategies.

We use a variety of analysis tools and techniques to make informed trading decisions, including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and algorithmic trading models. Trading requires a disciplined and rational approach to minimize losses and maximize gains. However, with the right knowledge, experience, and attention to detail, trading can also offer significant profit opportunities, especially in the current market.

Our expertise in cryptocurrencies and blockchain is solid and reliable. We have some of the best Italian professionals in the field of crypto and blockchain, each specialized in a particular area.

Web3 Development & Metaverse

Blockchain technology is a form of distributed digital ledger that enables secure and transparent recording of transactions. Decentralized applications (DApps) based on blockchain technology can offer significant advantages in terms of security, privacy, and transparency compared to traditional centralized applications. Blockchain technology can be used in many sectors, such as finance, logistics, healthcare, and energy.

The metaverse refers to the creation of virtual worlds or environments in which users can interact and experience immersive experiences. These virtual worlds can be created using a variety of technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and blockchain.

We develop decentralized applications using blockchain technology and support you in creating virtual worlds or environments that can be accessed and interacted with by users.

We offer companies the opportunity to innovate and create engaging and personalized experiences for their customers.

The use of blockchain technology and the metaverse can improve the security, privacy, and transparency of operations, as well as create new opportunities for interacting with customers.

Sales & Marketing

Digitizing and coordinating marketing and sales strategies is the first move to generate a winning game!

Maximizing alignment between the sales department and the marketing team through specific, direct, and frequent communication facilitated by CRM and lead scoring matrices.

I dati su un Touch Pad


We guarantee our clients compliance with the rules and regulations of both the country of reference and the company.

Our guarantee is based on the study of the market regulations where the client operates and the assessment of the company's processes. We analyze the regulations of new and potential markets and subsequently adapt the client's procedures to comply with them.

Citazioni di Borsa

Based on the client's needs, our intervention can take on various forms:

INDIVIDUAL TRAINING The scope of the activity, the desired outcome, the required time, and the associated cost are defined.

COACHING The activity focuses on transferring skills to specific individuals, such as operators, managers, or entrepreneurs.

LICENSED SOFTWARE We believe in transparency and providing people with powerful tools and data that reduce the time required for data processing.

CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Reduce time in managing your business and automate processes with a modular and scalable solution.

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Go beyond the expected. Redefine what's possible,

give shape to the future—and get there.


Learn from your data, create incredible digital experiences, or make the most of new tech. We blend design, engineering, and analytics expertise to help you build the future.


Business moves fast, and we specialize in working through change with you.

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